Tara KizerTara Kizer has 16 years of experience with SQL Server, 13 of it as a DBA. She currently works at Qualcomm, where she is a DBA supporting mission critical systems with high performance and high availability requirements. She has been a Microsoft SQL Server Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since July of 2007. She is one of the top contributors (34k+ posts) in the SQLTeam.com forums and posts under the username tkizer. She has also contributed a chapter titled “Performance Tuning with SQL Trace and Extended Events” to the book TribalSQL – New voices in SQL Server.

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  1. Tara,

    I am trying to collect growth information in some 24 SQL Servers 2008 R2 +, and I wanted to take a look at your zip file, but when I pressed the link from this webpage:


    You can download the code here.

    When I pressed here, I get: Not found from the link:


    Please advise, thanks, Carlos Jimenez.

  2. I was re-directed here for the “Defragmenting/Rebuilding Indexes in SQL Server 2005 and 2008” Stored Procedures, but got the “File not found” error. Please direct me to the where the SP is stored.

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